Landscape of God's grace

If you are in the Northwest Arkansas area, please join us for Spectra Art presentations. Spectra is a group of non-denominal Christian artists who create art that aligns with God's purpose and Word, and we use our gifts for Praise, Worship, Fellowship, and Prayer. Each quarter we have a set theme and share time.

This quarter's theme was: Freedom from bondage. "What is that “thing”...that thing that tries to get between you and the Lord?" Take a look into our struggles and how He restores us!

Please join Us!

What holds me back from God?

I’ve been a Christian for over 20 years, but as I sat in my cozy window spot a few weeks ago and watched the first snowfall of the year, God painted a picture in front of my eyes that spoke to me about my current condition.

The fluffy white snow floated down, creating a sense of calm and peace. The landscape of last year consisted of drab ochre, faded greens, and parched brown, but it was being transformed by a soft blanket of pure white. I was entranced by this serene picture being painted before my eyes, the brightness of the snow reminding me of our Savior. As I scanned this beautiful scene, my eye was distracted every so often by the exposed patches of dead grass, longing to be covered.

God revealed to me in that moment the picture of my current condition. I knew I was covered by the grace of Jesus, and my sins had been forgiven-the sins of my past no longer holding me back. However, what about my everyday? Was I fully experiencing the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in my life. Do I really believe that I ’m a completely new creation in Christ? (2 Corinthians 5:17)

While I’m not dwelling on my past, I am dwelling on my current imperfections and daily failures of my own set expectations. I still don’t see myself the way God sees me. Forgiven, yes, but not totally free. I still have the dark dead patches that distract away from the picture of freedom God has waiting for me.

This painting is not my normal style or color palette, and its been awhile since I’ve attempted a landscape, but I really enjoyed the process of having no expectations for myself except to capture the moment.

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